Celeste: B-Sides

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Game: Celeste
Artist: Lena Raine
Label: Ship to Shore Phonograph Co.
Year: 2019
Variants: White

Description: Remixes & arrangements as featured in the game Celeste by Matt, Noel, Amora, Pedro, Lena, Kevin & friends! Featuring music by the composers of Chordslayer, FTL, Welcome to the Fantasy Zone, Healing, Read-Only Memories, Nuclear Throne, Singularity, and Opus Magnum.

Side “B” (A): B1 Forsaken City (Sever The Skyline Mix) B2 Old Site (Black Moonrise Mix) B3 Celestial Resort (Good Karma Mix) B4 Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Mix) 

Side “C” (B): C1 Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix) C2 Reflection (Center Of The Earth Mix) C3 Summit (No More Running Mix) C4 The Core (Say Goodbye Mix) C5 (Bonus) Area 1 Demo

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