Crash Team Racing

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Game: Crash Team Racing
Artist: Josh Mancell
Label: Unofficial
Year: 2022
Variants: Orange

Description: Featuring the complete soundtrack to the original game. Includes two foil stickers of Crash and Dr. Neo Cortex. Original album artwork by ummmheather.

Side A
  1. Start Your Engines
  2. Main Menu
  3. Nitrous Oxide’s Challenge
  4. Race Preparations
  5. N. Sanity Beach
  6. Race Overview
  7. Crash Cove
  8. Roo’s Tubes
  9. Mystery Caves
  10. Sewer Speedway
  11. Skull Rock
  12. Victory! (Wild)
  13. The Lost Ruins
  14. Coco Park
  15. Tiger Temple
  16. Papu’s Pyramid
  17. Dingo Canyon
  18. Rampage Ruins
  19. Victory! (Cute)
  20. Glacier Park
  21. Blizzard Bluff
  22. Dragon Mines
  23. Finish! (Lose)
Side B
  1. Polar Pass
  2. Tiny Arena
  3. Rocky Road
  4. Victory! (Goofy)
  5. Citadel City
  6. N. Gin Labs
  7. Cortex Castle
  8. Hot Air Skywalk
  9. Oxide Station
  10. Nitro Court
  11. Victory! (Doctor)
  12. Gem Stone Valley
  13. Boss Challenge
  14. Finish! (Win)
  15. Victory! (Suave)
  16. Parking Lot
  17. The North Bowl
  18. Lab Basement
  19. Aku Aku
  20. Uka Uka
  21. Victory! (Bandicoot)
  22. Scrapbook
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She crashed on my bandicoot until I racing!
Rated 5.0 out of 5
June 20, 2023

Honestly a super clean and original design which parodies the Gorillaz self-titled album. The audio itself is recorded well and the tracks are fun and funky. Its especially nice that bonus holo-stickers were included. Overall an excellent release!

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