Hyper Light Drifter

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Game: Hyper Light Drifter
Artist: Disasterpeace
Label: Bludhoney Records
Year: 2016
Variants: Translucent pink and red, cyan and lavender

Description: First Run limited to 150 copies on translucent pink and red shells. Recorded on Type II Chrome tape. Second run limited to 250 copies on solid purple and cyan shells. Recorded on Type II Chrome tape. Tapes are wrapped in parchment and sealed with wax. Includes honey-filled candy.

Side A: A1 Vignette: Panacea A2 Vignette: Visions A3 Titan A4 Wisdom’s Tragedy A5 Seeds Of The Crown A6 Vignette: Corruption A7 The Midnight Wood A8 Gaol In The Deep A9 The Resonant Canyon 

Side B: B1 Stasis Awakening B2 The Last General B3 The Winding Ridge B4 Flock B5 Cult Of The Zealous B6 Cascades B7 The Refiner’s Fire 

Side C: C1 Acropolis Falls C2 A Chorus Of Tongues C3 The Hermit C4 The Water Shelf C5 Petrichor C6 The Gauntlet 

Side D: D1 The Sentients D2 The Abyss D3 Chimera D4 Panacea D5 The Heirloom

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