Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Front j-card art for the Kirby 64 tape
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Game: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Artist: Jim Ishikawa
Label: Unofficial
Year: 2021
Variants: Clear Shell (First Run), White Shell (Second Run), Pink Shell (Third Run)

Description: First Run released on clear shell tapes, limited to 10 hand-numbered copies. Second Run released on white shell tapes, unnumbered. Third Run released on pink shell tapes, unnumbered.

Side A: A1 Opening A2 File Select A3 Your Quest Revealed A4 Training A5 Theater A6 Enemy Info A7 Sub-Game Select A8 100 Yard Hop A9 Bumper-Crop Bump A10 Checker Board Chase A11 Sub Game Results A12 World Map A13 Pop Star (Map) A14 Pop Star A15 Room Guarder (Vs. Sub-Boss) A16 Stage Goal A17 What! A18 Vs. Waddle Dee A19 I’II Go, Too A20 Quiet Forest A21 Eek! A22 Vs. Adeleine A23 Mix Me In, Too A24 King Dedede’s Castle A25 Whoa!! A26 Vs. King Dedede A27 I’II Come Along With You A28 Alright, On To The Next A29 Rock Star (Map) A30 Rock Star 

Side B: B31 Ancient Ruins B32 Inside The Ruins B33 I’m Hungry B34 Aqua Star (Map) B35 Aqua Star B36 Down The Mountain Stream B37 Idiot Of The Sea B38 Neo Star (Map) B39 Neo Star B40 Boss B41 Big Eruption B42 Shiver Star (Map) B43 Shiver Star B44 Above The Clouds B45 Factory Inspection B46 Overnight Detective B47 Ripple Star (Map) B48 Ripple Star Catacombs B49 Ripple Star B50 Vs. Miracle Matter B51 Bye-Bye B52 Dark Star B53 Final Battle B54 Vs. 02 B55 Grand Finale (Ending) B56 Staff Roll B57 Lose Life B58 Game Over B59 Invincible! B60 Bonus (Kine’s Theme)

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Rated 5.0 out of 5
May 30, 2023

oh yeah

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