Pokémon Pinball

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Game: Pokémon Pinball
Artist: Go Ichinose
Label: Unofficial
Year: 2021
Variants: Spray Painted (First Run), Yellow Shell (Second Run)

Description: First run on recycled and spray-painted tapes, hand-numbered and limited to 50 copies. Second run on yellow shell cassette, has labels on both sides, unnumbered.

Side A: A1 Title Screen A2 Pokedex A3 Options A4 Field Select A5 Red Field Theme A6 Catch ‘Em And Evolution (Red Mode) A7 – Whack The Diglett – A8 – Whack Dugtrio – A9 – Ghastly In The Graveyard – A10 – Haunter In The Graveyard – A11 – Gengar In The Graveyard – A12 Map Mode 

Side B: B13 Blue Field Theme B14 Catch ‘Em and Evolution (Blue Mode) B15 Meowth Stage B16 Seel Stage B17 Mewtwo Stage B18 Hi-Score Screen B19 Name Entry B20 End Credits

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