Power Stone

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Game: Power Stone
Artist: Tetsuya Shibata
Label: Ship to Shore Phonograph Co.
Year: 2022
Variants: Yellow

Description: Track B6 is erroneously printed as “Skullhaven Ending”. Track B10 is erroneously missing from the track listing.

Side A: A1 Opening ~ Title A2 Ranking Display A3 Book-Open Demo A4 Player Select A5 Stage Select A6 Vs. A7 Londo Stage A8 Falcon Ending 1 A9 Falcon Ending 2 A10 Mutsu Stage A11 Ryoma Ending A12 Tong-An Stage A13 WangTang Ending A14 Manches Stage A15 Jack Ending A16 Dawnvolta Stage A17 Gunrock Ending A18 Power-Fusion A19 Dullstown Stage A20 Galuda Ending 1 A21 Galuda Ending 2 A22 Winning A23 Continue 

Side B: B1 Here Comes A New Challenger B2 Oedo Stage B3 Ayame Ending B4 Mahdad Stage B5 Rouge Ending B6 Skullhaven Stage B7 Kraken Ending B8 Avalon Island Stage 1 B9 Valgas Fusion B10 Final Valgas B11 Avalon Island Stage 2 B12 Valgas Ending B13 Common Ending 1 B14 Common Ending 2 B15 Staff Roll B16 Additional Mode (DC) B17 Day Of The Manches St. (Arrange Version) B18 Game Over

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