Sonic the Hedgehog CD OST

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Game: Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Artist: Naofumi Hataya, Masafumi Ogata, and Keiko Utoku
Label: Unofficial
Year: 2023
Variants: White

Description: Sonic the Hedgehog CD on white cassette tape. Includes an outer O-card with inner printing of frames from the games opening and ending animations, a fold-out glossy J-card featuring the game biography, track list, and song lyrics.

Side A: 01. Sonic – You Can Do Anything 02. Title 03. Palmtree Panic 04. Palmtree Panic‘P’Mix 05. Palmtree Panic‘G’Mix 06. Palmtree Panic‘B’Mix 07. Collision Chaos 08. Collision Chaos‘P’Mix 09. Collision Chaos‘G’Mix 10. Collision Chaos‘B’Mix 11. Tidal Tempest 12. Tidal Tempest‘P’Mix 13. Tidal Tempest‘G’Mix 14. Tidal Tempest‘B’Mix 15. Quartz Quadrent 16. Quartz Quadrent‘P’Mix 17. Quartz Quadrent‘G’Mix 18. Quartz Quadrent‘B’Mix 19. Little Planet

Side B: 20. Sonic 6290 Mix 21. Special Stage 22. Wacky Workbench 23. Wacky Workbench‘P’Mix 24. Wacky Workbench‘G’Mix 25. Wacky Workbench‘B’Mix 26. Stardust Speedway 27. Stardust Speedway‘P’Mix 28. Stardust Speedway‘G’Mix 29. Stardust Speedway‘B’Mix 30. Metallic Madness 31. Metallic Madness‘P’Mix 32. Metallic Madness‘G’Mix 33. Metallic Madness‘B’Mix 34. Final Fever 35. Zone Clear 36. Cosmic Eternity – Believe In Yourself 37. Cosmic Eternity – Believe In Yourself (Inst.)

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