Super Smash Bros Melee: Smashing…Live! Live Orchestra Music

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Game: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Artist: New Japan Philharmonic
Label: Unofficial
Year: 2021
Variants: Clear Shell

Description: Recorded on Type II cassette, limited to 26 copies. Each copy of the cassette included an Amiibo NFC chip embedded inside the shell, each registering as on of the 26 unique fighters in Melee.

Side A: A1 Planet Corneria A2 Jungle Garden A3 Great Bay Shrine A4 Dr. Mario A5 Original Medley A6 Fountain Of Dreams A7 Pokemon Medley A8 Opening

Side B: B9 Planet Venom B10 Yoshi’s Story B11 Depth Of Brinstar B12 Smash Bros. Great Medley B13 Fire Emblem B14 Green Greens B15 Rainbow Cruise

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