Talos One Training Guide

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Game: Prey (2017)
Artist: Mick Gordon
Label: Unofficial
Year: 2021
Variants: Vintage Style/Hydro Dip”Bloody Mimic” Split

Description: First print on split hydro-dipped shell with hand-numbered label on the flipside. Included sticky notes and pin. Limited to 50 tapes.

Side A: A1 The Experiment A2 Human Elements A3 The Truth Will Set You Free A4 Talos One A5 Arboretum A6 A Friend A7 December and January A8 Neuromods A9 Alex Theme A10 Into The Tunnels A11 Preyed Upon A12 Stranded A13 Predator A14 The Phantoms A15 Typhon Voices A16 No Gravity A17 Open Space A18 Weightless A19 Last Request A20 Pasts Uncovered A21 Still Human A22 Experiments In Confusion A23 Everything Is Going to Be Okay B24 Ambience 1 

Side B: B25 Ambience 2 B26 Ambience 3 B27 Ambience 4 B28 Ambience 5 B29 Ambience 6

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